Every Thursday at Juno from 12pm-9pm

Our Story & The Future

The Creative Slider Company was the brainchild of Fran Harvey, food fanatic and chef. He has travelled far and wide in search of the most delicious flavour combinations from around the globe. On these adventures, he’s eaten some pretty outstanding meals, taken inspiration from some of the best chefs in the world and had help from people who just love eating great food.

The Creative Slider Co. has an ever-changing menu, depending on location and night. Each menu can consist of classic combinations, quirky inventions or just god damn out of the ordinary madness. What is guaranteed though, is that the produce will be fresh, the food will be plentiful and the fun will be next level.

Juno & Beyond…

The Creative Slider Co. was invented by Fran, but it was truly born in Juno. Their love and support was exactly what we needed to grow. From the get-go, they wanted to help the company out with everything from advertising to sourcing suppliers, giving us every opportunity to succeed.

The Creative Slider Co. is at Juno in Bath every Thursday from midday to 9pm. For more information and a look at menus past, just hit us up on social media.

The Creative Slider Co. is always on the lookout for new venues to start residencies. Our chefs will come to your establishment armed with a menu, produce and a whole host of happiness. You just look after getting people through the door (which, of course, we’ll help with too) and we’ll hook them up with a meal to remember. You can do daily, weekly or monthly events and every menu can be changed or themed to suit your requirements. Just send us an e-mail for more information.

Press Release

Bath Ladies Futsal club

Bath Ladies Futsal club sponsorship

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we are teaming up with Bath Ladies Futsal club in an effort that will ensure their survival until the end of the domestic season in April. The Ladies are currently sat 2nd in the league and are real strong contenders for the title. However, the team has just had it's funding cut meaning they would struggle getting through the rest of the campaign without some support.

Our founder, Fran Harvey said "When I was approached about offering some funding it was a no brainier really. As a football fan, and someone who plays regularly, I know how frustrating it can be when it's taken away. Futsal is a growing sport but has limited access to funding. I was fortunate enough to play for Bath men's side a few years ago and know how vital sponsorship can be. Here at The Creative Slider Co. we have agreed to cover the cost of the venue hire until the end of the season. We'll also be donating 10% of all sales in February to the team in order to get them through this difficult stage and set up for next season. We urge you to pop into Juno on Thursdays and help us, help the future of the women's Futsal team here in Bath."

Sergio Galán, who runs the women's Futsal team is said to be really happy that the girls will have a chance to win the title on home soil in April. Michael Wootten, who founded Bath Futsal club, was instrumental in the deal. "I've know Fran for many years after coaching and playing along side him. He helped the club during its early stages and I knew he would relish the opportunity to help out the ladies team too".

Weddings & Events

The Creative Slider Co. is moving into the events world, by which we mean the mobile catering world. We know only too well the stresses of feeding the masses at an event or evening celebrations: the constant worry of what food to serve, how much of it to make and whether they can cater for Vanessa the vegan. Don’t panic - we’ve got you covered. We’ll ensure that the package you go for is tailored to you and your guests and that you’ll have enough of whatever you need.

Franchise & Working with Us

The Creative Slider Co. is looking for people to join the team. Fran started this company with very little capital and a whole load of hard work. Everyone wants to be their own boss and be rewarded for working hard. The beauty of this franchise is a low start-up cost, combined with great opportunities and job fulfilment. We pride ourselves on quality produce, craftsmanship and professionalism. We also expect anyone looking at this as an opportunity to be hard working, experienced and fun.

We want to hear from you! For more information, hit us up using the contact information.

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